Faith X Ryder Eight babies total.  Four red & white boys, one split faced and four red & white girls, one split faced.

All puppies are reserved and living in their new forever homes.

Ryder comes to us from Reed Ridge Border collies in Williamstown. Kentucky. he is a beautiful, red and white border collie with beautiful golden eyes. Ryder is very sweet and gentle, and will lay at your feet all day for a simple pat, but also has plenty of drive and energy. He is very willing and loves to paly ball. Obedience and agility come very easily to him. He is pending for CEA and OFA. Ryder is registered with the American Border collie Association and the United Kennel Club and is a card carring member of the canine good citizen certificate.
Faith is a red and wight female with gorgeous golden eyes, she comes to us from Midnight Border collies, on Camano Island, Wa. Faith's dam is black and white and her sire, Storm, is a beautiful blue Merle with brilliant blue eyes. Both of her parents are CEA clear and OFA certified good. Faith is a wonderful mix of funk obedience, and faithful companionship. She has a strong natural herding instinct, but balances that with a calm easy temperament. Faith is registered with the United Kennel Club and has earned her canine good citizen certificate.

 Red Sox - Red & White Male - Reserved B. Carpenter

Red Romeo - Red & White Male -Reserved W. Carson III
Red Racer - Red & White Male - Reserved K. Perrigoue
Red Baron - Red & White Male - N. McDowall

 Red Velvet - Red & White Female - R. Scott

 Red Sky - Red & White Female - E. Wilkins

 Red Hot Pepper - Red & White Female - B Latham

 Red Valentine - Red & White Female - J. Kenney

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